Left luggage

As the new year begins the pandemic is far from over and there is a naive and misplaced optimism that there will be some rapid improvement and a return to normality. The cruel reality is that the first nine months of 2021 are likely to be every bit as challenging as the last nine months of 2020. What should internal communicators be planning for and should asking ‘why’ more often be our new year’s resolution?

Be more Beethoven – the internal communications symphony

Are your internal communications more like the howl of a cat’s choir than the harmonies of a symphony? Are employees saying they are overloaded with irrelevant information and your data telling you that hardly anyone is receiving or acting on the important messages? If so, it’s time to ‘Be more Beethoven’ and implement a channel strategy to create an internal communications symphony.

The nightmare before conference

The design and delivery of internal conferences and events often falls firmly within the remit of the internal communicator including finding a suitable venue. This can sometimes be a daunting experience, particularly for those who only do this once a year or if they have never done it before. My hints and tips on the important things to consider in a venue hunt could save you from having the nightmare before conference later on.