The IC Citizen Manifesto

The IC Citizen is a professional, innovator, continuous learner, activist, networker, debater, mentor, award winner, an ethical practitioner and a champion of constructive challenge. Any internal communicator can become The IC Citizen.

The IC Citizen Manifesto is a statement of intent which sets out what the movement stands for and what those who follow can do to support it. Thank you to all the internal communicators who helped me to create the manifesto. Download your own copy!

The IC Citizen Manifesto

The IC Citizen movement encourages all internal communicators to invest in themselves and others through continuous learning, development and by sharing what we know.  We aim to be better as individual internal communicators, support others to do the same and become more powerful as a collective of practitioners.

Our objective is to create an internal communications profession that is respected and recognised as a strategic management function which drives real outcomes and helps organisations achieve their goals.

The principles of our manifesto are the foundations of IC Citizenship. We participate in activities which support one or more of these to demonstrate our commitment to playing an active part within the internal communications community and to giving something back to the wider profession.

Our principles

We practice internal communications fairly and transparently in an ethical way using our integrity and discretion.

We commit to use our skills to support the creation of an inclusive and diverse profession as well as inclusive and diverse workplaces where everyone is able to be themselves and make a contribution.

We mentor team members, colleagues, peers and new entrants to internal communications to build capability in our profession, so that we are fit for the future.

We network to make connections with internal communicators and people from allied professions to share what we know, create collaboration and understanding of internal communication as a business practice.

We participate in debate to share and test new ideas and are willing to incorporate them into what we do.

We offer constructive challenge to stakeholders and build effective relationships which can help them to achieve their objectives and understand the real power of internal communication.

We commit to engage in regular and meaningful continuous professional development (CPD) activities which expand our knowledge and abilities, keep us relevant and help us to do a better job.

We join a professional body, get involved in activities and become accredited if we are able to do so.

We enter awards as a way to share expertise, add to our collective body of knowledge and give something back to the profession which has recognised us, if we feel able to do so.

We invite and encourage all internal communicators to join our movement, follow our manifesto and become ‘The IC Citizen’.

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