Communicating in the perfect storm

Right now, change and uncertainty are acute in the higher education (HE) sector. Institutions are being battered by hurricane force winds of change driven by a jet stream of issues which just keep on coming. Faced with this onslaught it’s tempting to batten down the hatches, communicate as little as possible and hope that this perfect storm blows over.

Unfortunately the storm shows no sign of abating and the difficult decisions being made in HE because of this change maelstrom mean that saying nothing is rarely an option. Internal and external stakeholders demand transparency from the leadership teams making those decisions.

To fail to plan a communications response is a plan to fail outright. The big question is, how do you plan to communicate in an environment where there is so much uncertainty and so many unknowns?

The rest of this blog, including some tips on how to plan communication when it feels like it’s too difficult to communicate anything, is published on the CIPR Education and Skills website.

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